Anjaneya Light Fittings

Anjaneya Light Fittings offers innovative solutions combining the very latest in LED and conventional technologies with stylish design. In order to give first priority to safety anajenya Street, road and outdoor lighting have a crucial role to play in the safety and security of our streets and public places .

“Anjaneya LED lights meet the requirements for Corporate offices lights, Hospitals lights, Government office lights, IT campus lights, Malls lights, Library lights, Playground lights, Street lights, Parks & Gardens, Advertisement board lights, Monument lighting, Parking areas, Residential streets, panchayat streets, municipality streets, state highways, national highway and any place that needs to be lit up .

Anjaneya leading by who is having in-depth expertise in the space of renewable energy and are supported by young, creative and talented engineers from reputed Universities in India

Anjaneya Light fittings working towards green revolution and supplying LED products which are lead and mercury free, which contribute to environmental sustainability, LED Light Fittings are having longer life compare to incandescent lamps, the life of LED light more than 50,000 Hours. Because of long life, the cost , maintenance and related problems not there. LED light is better than ordinary low temperature, also these lights are low UV and IR which helps the environment. One of the main benefits is energy saving; these lights consume less electricity than traditional forms of lighting.

Our Products:
  1. LED Street Light
  2. LED Highway Light
  3. LED Panel Light
  4. LED Spot Light
  5. LED Bulb and LED Tube
  6. Solar Lights
  7. Solar + Wind Power Lights
LED Advatages:
  • LED Street Light
  • LED Highway Light
  • LED Panel Light
  • LED Spot Light
  • LED Bulb and LED Tube
  • Solar Lights
  • Solar + Wind Power Lights